Legacy Reborn Charter (Pending Overhaul)
by Bladenight

July 17, 2006, 06:12:55 AM
Welcome to the Legacy Reborn Guild Charter Post

-- Charter is in the processed of an overhaul, it is not current. --

Mission Statement:
Legacy Reborn was formed out of a the ashes of our old guild. Our goal is ultimately to have fun, and while doing so, help each other achieve both guild and personal goals. We will stand to defend our members and our faction and strive to be actively involved in both PvE and PvP encounters on the Cenarius server. We are a raiding force with casual players, who will move through end game content at our own pace.
Basic Rules of Conduct:
  • Treat others with respect, even if you do not get respect in return.
  • This includes harassment, if you harass others you are not showing respect.
  • Do not spam chat channels for any reason.
  • Stand up for yourself and the guild.
  • No selling of items for profit to other guild members.
  • Do not violate Blizzards game policies.

Grouping will be highly encouraged, below are some simple rules to follow. A group leader can change these rules, however, all parties/raids lead by a member of our guild will have to be fair to the whole group. Even if the group members are not part of our guild, our guild members will show respect to all. Looting should follow the following common loot rules:
  • 1 blue/set/epic per person (that's 'or' not 'and').
  • Roll on all bind on equip (BOE), if a party member needs a BOE item they will get priority.
  • Need before greed on ALL bind on pickup (BOP) (Pass first)
  • All BOP must be PASSED on first.
  • If no one in the group/raid needs or wants to claim as their "1 blue/set/epic per person", then the item will be randomed for.
  • Class sets stay with the class if the class is present in the raid.
Do not needlessly endanger the party.
The main tank (MT) sometimes is the main puller.
Everone needs to ASSIST the main assist (MA).
All party/raid members must listen to the party/raid leader. If you disagree with them, send them a tell. Do not attempt to override the leaders decision, even if you feel their decision is wrong.
Party members who continually violate the rules will be kicked from the party.
Guild members who continually violate any of the above rules will be kicked from the guild. This will not come without warning, but we are very committed to removing continuously or seriously disruptive members.

We have developed a new Loot System to handle the End Game Instances like Molten Core: It is posted in our Raid Section.
As guild members, we pledge to dedicate ourselves in helping each other within reasonable expectations. Although we are willing to give our members a helping hand, no one should expect free hand outs. However, if you need help with any quests, please ask other members. Please understand, if no one is able or available to help you at that time, do not complain in guild chat or to anyone. We are a large guild that try to help each other, however that does not mean we will always be able to help each other.

Player vs Player is also encouraged. The only thing we want everyone to do is respect each other while fighting other players. Realize that there is a player behind that character, do not disrespect the character/player. You can hate the opposing faction all you want, but you will be required to show them some form of respect. Guild members found to be disrespectful to others in PvP will be subjected to removal from the guild.
Basic rules when PvPing:
  • Respect your opponent, whether they are Horde or Alliance.
  • Avoid corpse-camping if not within Alliance faction cities, even than give them a fair chance to rez and med.
  • Avoid zerging if at all possible. Everyone loves a fair fight.
  • Avoid whining when you die, no matter how you died. Just kill your attacker as soon as you get the chance to do so.
  • Opposing Faction cities are not your PvE playground, this means do not sit in the middle of a town and kill NPCs, and ruin the playing experience of others. PvP is meant to be played between human players, it should not involve farming civilian NPCs or Flight Masters. Guards are fair game though, kill those all you like. Remember, you do not get Honor Points for killing guards and you get Dishonor Points for Killing Civilian NPCs (as well as dishonoring your guild and giving us a bad reputation).

All guild members will hold a rank in our guild. A characters level will help in determining their rank, but it is their actions and involvement in the guild that will determine their actual standing.
Ranking system:
The Guild Leaders. Generals have all the responsibilities and powers of the lower ranks. As well, what a General says is what goes with no objections. The only ones who can dispute a General decision is another General.
The General(s) will make decisions on the spot. Their decision is final and is not to be disputed on the spot. If any Guild Member has a problem with a Generals decision they can take it up with said General after a raid, if it should come up in a raid, or at another time.
A guild member who has a dispute with a General is welcome to ask for another General to get involved and be part of a meeting.
The Leaders behind the Generals. They are the ones to lead the guild in a Generals absence. They have almost the same power as Generals minus a few things.
A Commander is able to perform all the actions of the lower ranks, and is to be expected to uphold our charter at all times.
Aside from all roles of a Guardian, Commanders will have the following additional roles:
  • Settle disputes/issues brought forth by members
  • Actively offer ideas and suggestions on improving all aspects of the guild
  • Enforce all aspect of our charter, at all times
  • Promote members up to Guardian
  • Actively respond to forum questions and concerns
The Pre-Officer rank. This members have some officer responsibilities but are not full officers. Some of their roles:
Guardians will be known for leading raids and events. However, Guardians will also be known for being very well respected members and having a desire to lead.
Even if a Guardian doesn't lead raids, they will be capable to form groups for another person (Knight+) to lead the actual raid.
This are the members to whom any troubling, or non troubling, issues are brought forth. The Guardian will take the information/issue to a Commander or General.
All Guardians will have the following basic responsibilities, with no Guardian being expected to do it all:
  • Answer member questions
  • Lead members to the forums
  • Advice members of improper activity
  • Monitor/Moderate guild chat
  • Invite new recruits
  • Lead raids/events
  • Respond to issues, and bring them up to Commanders+
  • Take input from members about concerns/suggestions/comments
  • Promote up to Defender status
  • Actively look for possible recruits if we are recruiting
  • Schedule events on the forums Any decision made by a Guardian can be overruled by a Commander. However keep in mind we trust our Guardians, and they are there for a reason. If any member has issues with a Guardian, they should bring it up to a Commander or General immediately.
Class Leads:
All class-leads have a Royal Knight standard as far as raids go. Co-Leads are ranked as class leads.
Royal Knight:
Committed Raid Members, 75%+ raid attendance for 40 mans, and 20 mans. Is there for new content willingly, and performs exceptionally well. This members are also high performance members, who strive to improve daily. Has reserved spots on raids they sign up for, and is generally considered signed up for all regularly scheduled 40 mans. As well, is willing to stay at a minimum of 3 hours per night from Gather time (5 PM typically). There will be exceptions both ways, some who have 75%+ raid attendance may not be RK and some who don't may be RK.
Veteran raider, 50%+ raid attendance for 40 mans. This members will have a 50% gather time window for invites. Must show up when signed up, or informs Guardian+ of cancellation.
Casual raider, long standing member. No affect on raids.
Full member, has passed the applicant status. No affect on raids, also this will be the default rank for alts. Alts may move beyond this rank, but would be held to the same rules as the rank pertains. (The exception is Guardians+)
New recruits, applicants. This is the first rank for all upcoming members. No affect on raids.

All new recruites are required to register on the forums within the first month, with the current way apps are done this should not be an issue. If a new recruite has not registered on the forums within a specified period, and has not received a proper exception from a General, they will be removed from the guild.

You may request a promotion with a Commander or General. A decision will not always be made on the spot, and a promotion may be refused. Generals and Commanders will be the only ones able to promote and demote members. If you are not happy with your rank, you need to contact a General, their decision is final. Members who do not register on the forums will not be promoted.

As well, you can see an updated list of our Generals, Commanders, and Guardians in our recruitment post: On our Forums

Above all have fun, That?s what we're here for. This is a game after all.

If you have any issues with the above rules, please contact the Generals: midgetnight, Yullery, or Sokrin. All decisions made by commanders and lower can be questioned through guild leaders. Keep in mind we trust our Commanders a great deal. All decisions made by Generals are final.

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